7 Proven Tips On How To Naturally Increase Breast Size

breast_feature-imageBreast size are one of the unique things that differ from body to body, and no one has the exact same pair.

Even the ones on your body are not the same!

Girls usually develop their breast during their formative stage, and the things they do will show results when they are already in their 20s.

Although, one may actually wonder what factors or things they do have an effect when it comes to breast growth.

Is it the food they eat, the exercise routine they have, or maybe even in their genes?

Factors That Affect Breast Size

breast_sizeBreast size is a subtle concern or topic that one does not blurt out and necessarily discuss with anyone.

A better way to understand your body’s growth, particularly if you are wondering about your breast size is to know the factors that affect it.

Body Fat

The female’s breast size is also known as the mammary gland. Basically it is simply made of body fat.

Yes, it may be hard for you to accept the fact that body fat affects your breast size – it does and it is the main composition that gives it its shape, size, and even texture.

So if you constant change when it comes to their body weight, it is important that you take note that it affects your breasts too; meaning, a decrease in weight may result to a smaller breast, while a gain in weight can increase breast size.

Genetics or Hereditary

Well, of course you cannot simply overlook the possibility of genes being a factor of your growth.

The female members of your family can be a good example of just how much breast size you can expect.

It is also believed that genetics is a major contributor when it comes to determining your potential breast size and shape, and it is not solely on your mother’s genes as your father’s genes will come to play as well.

Remember that your genes is the main decision maker on where your body will be storing fats, and recognizing your family’s body structure can be a good teller of how yours can possibly turn out.

Pregnancy and Hormones

As you may have observed with your pregnant aunt, mother, sister, friend or maybe even you, your breasts increase in size during pregnancy.

This is because the release of the estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and growth hormones are in a balance. In rare occasions, an imbalanced hormone during pregnancy can be a cause for your breasts to develop.

Take note that during pregnancy, breasts grows a bit larger and much fuller because your body is depositing more fats and enables more milk to be stored.


Are you even surprised that even though your age is just a number, it is still a factor for most circumstances.

This is a main factor that has a significant effect when it comes to the development of your breasts; as you know it is during puberty when a woman’s breasts starts to develop, and by the age you reach your 20s, the shape and size it goes through varies on the affecting factors such as weight and diet.

It is in your 40s when the tissues will start to loosen up its strength, and your skin’s elasticity maybe lost.

It is also the time when the cells supporting your breasts will start to breakdown.

By the time that you reach your 60s, your breasts will be taken over by gravity, as sagging is already a common situation.

Studies suggests that easy breast sagging can be lessen or avoided at an early stage by practicing the secrets of your brassieres.

It is suggested that bras are only to be worn when you will be taking on strenuous activities or intense exercises to help keep the breasts natural support.

Why Go The Natural Way? Dangers of Surgery

how-to-increase-breastIn this generation, surgery is no longer frowned upon. In fact, more and more women are considering going under anaesthesia and waking up with a larger set of breasts.

Although, there are groups, and almost anyone sane enough that you will talk to will definitely go against that decision.

Movements promoting natural beauty had been all over the web now, and to love your body just the way it is, is something that one can really have a hard time doing so if they had grew up believing otherwise.

Your body is the full representation of who you are, and doing surgery can be a scarring moment for you and your body. Some people are not that aware of the potential effects and dangers of having breast augmentations, and the lack of that knowledge can lead to more health problems in the future.

Here is a list of some of the dangers you may encounter if you do surgery for larger or even smaller set of breasts.

  • Bacterial Infection which can usually be caused or released by the implants put in your breast area
  • General surgical risks. Any surgery is a risk, no matter how minor or major it is.
  • Risks caused by anesthesia
  • Necrosis or better known as skin death
  • Numbness and fatigue on some parts of your body
  • Possible silicone migration to your lymph nodes and even to your other organs
  • Platinum exposure can cause metal poisoning

The main dangerous effect of implant surgery is in the psychological aspect of a person. This can cause some dissatisfaction to the person undergoing surgery, which can lead to that certain addiction of getting sliced up.

Implants are a temporary addition to your breast areas, and are still considered as foreign objects which has the capability to become a danger to your life, especially when years pass and they breakdown.

This can cause more financial burden in your future, and can be an added cost to your health insurance.

It is best that you keep in mind that any surgery is a life threatening decision, and it comes with long term risks and costs when it comes to your health, and financial plans.

Eating Foods That Naturally Increase Breast Size

best-foods-to-eat-for-bigger-breastsAs it cannot be stressed enough, a woman’s breast size will depend on the fats that their body is taking. It does not necessarily mean you make weight gain a goal, but knowing the right kind of foods to take for a better nutrition, as well as can help increase you breast size is the idea.

Phytoestrogen Foods

Okay, so these are the foods that draw nutrients from plants which gives an estrogent- like function when inside the body. This will help your body develop more when supported by its effects which acts that of as an estrogen.

  • Coumestan is a type of a phytoestrogen which is known for eliciting the estrogen effects to your body. The foods that are considered under this category are: alfalfa, legumes, pinto beans, soybeans, chick peas, and clovers.
  • Isoflavones are phytoestrogen compounds that can also serves as an antioxidant from time to time. Foods under this category are mostly soy products and legumes.
  • Lthese are mostly phytoestrogen compounds found in foods like brans, beans, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Growth Hormone Boosting Food

It had been previously mentioned that your breast sizes is a combination of a well distributed fat, genes and a well- balanced hormone to give you a good body growth.

Increasing or helping your growth hormones is possible through the food that you will include in your daily diet.

For a better grasp of what these foods are, here are some examples of which you probably did not know had been helping your hormones boost its growth:

  • Pineapples. The best time for you to eat your pineapples is before going to bed, as this is the time when the release of serotonin and melatonin is usually done, plus testosterone levels are increased with the help of pineapples.
  • Coconut Oil. Yep, you read that right. Coconuts had shown a good number when it comes to increasing human hormones, which makes it one of the best HGH food to consider.
  • Grassfed Beef. Who said that your diet must be consisted of purely fruits and vegetables? Meat is not only a good source of protein, and grassfed ones have shown to be a good source of amino acids that directly give and help your body the amount of HGH level that you need.
  • Yoghurt. It is a good source of L- Glutamine, so keep it unpasteurized and organic as possible.
  • Eggs. This great white ball of food is a good source of a lot of things, and the organic ones are a powerful source of testosterone.
  • Watermelon. Who knew that this yummy ad watery treat can help boost your hormones, right? It is high with L- Citruline which helps your body to produce more human growth hormones.
  • Raw Milk. It is like a basic step back in your childhood. Your usual breakfast compose of milk and egg plus another food maybe. The powerful combination of eggs and milk help your body grow stronger, and can give a massive increase when it comes to your body’s growth hormones.
  • Water. Ahh, the holy grail of your daily life. Water is the main source of rehydration and such, it is also a great help when it comes to stimulating your human growth hormones.

Healthy Fats

There had been a negative notion when people hear the word “fats” as it is mostly been known to be a cause of some health problems. But, thanks to enough research and study, there had been more clarity when the topic of fats is discussed.

Our body needs food that can provide some healthy fats to fully function.

  • Avocadoes. One of the healthiest fruits one can consume, avocadoes in helping boost your body’s immunity and it can also act as an anti- aging nutrient for your skin.
  • Butter. What we mean here is the real and ideally organic grass- fed ones.  Do not settle for the “butter- like” foods such as margarine and vegetable oil spread. Butter is equipped with omega- 6 and omega- 3 fatty acids which is a good help when it comes to your brain function and improving of your skin health.
  • Coconut Oil. Yes, coconut is very flexible and as the best source of nutrition, you can expect it to be a good source of healthy fats too. It helps improve your brain function, heart health and can also act as an anti- inflammatory food.

It may be the natural way, but it is also best to see which of these food groups are more suitable and compatible with your diet.

Sometimes, you just cannot eat and eat whatever it is you feel like eating as the known effects can also vary, your body has a way of letting you know if a certain food is good for you or not.

Engaging In Exercise

One of the most effective ways to improve your overall health and lifestyle is simply through a good exercise program and routine. Same goes for naturally increasing your breast size – there had been developed or discovered exercises that can be done that is for the purpose of helping increase your breast size.

Chair Dips

This is one of the exercises that you can do at the comfort of your home. All you need is a chair with the normal level. Place the chair in a place that has enough space for you to move, sit on the edge and your feet together. Place both your hands on the edge of the chair, and keep your feet flat on the floor. When you are ready, lower yourself until your elbows reach 90 degrees angle then push your body upwards. Repeat until you complete desired reps.

Dumbell Chest Press

Dumbells are the most common gym or exercise tool used by anyone looking for toning or adding muscles on their arms. It is properly done by lying on the bench while holding a dumbbell on each hand (make sure it is something you can carry properly), and your feet can either be flat on the floor or raised. Now, you have to push the dumbells up in a level wherein your arms and palms are up.

Keep in mind that you should pull your abdominals in and tilt your chin towards your chest, this way you can give more force into what you are pushing. Once it is up, you will now push down the weights, making sure not to lock in your elbow or even your shoulder blades to rise from the bench. Repeat steps until you reach desired reps.

Shoulder Tap Push Ups

Push ups are the most basic exercise routines there is, which is aimed in strengthening one’s upper body strength. It is focused mainly in your arms, stretching and putting in force in your chests.

For proper execution, lie flat on the floor with hands placed slightly wider than your shoulder’s width. Then, raise your body up by using your hands and arms as leverage, do this while keeping your body in a straight form. As you go up, tap you shoulder with the opposite hand quickly then place it back on the floor, then repeat for the other side.

Dumbbell Fly

You will be using two dumbbells which will be for both hands to hold. Lie on a bench, then lower the dumbbells to your side until you feel your chest muscles being stretched. Bring the dumbbells together in a wide hugging motion until they meet together. Repeat until your complete desired reps.

Plank Wall

The most advisable core workout is probably the plank, and it is a good overall body workout as it helps in strengthening the arms and upper body. The plank wall is like a normal plank, only that you use the wall for leveling.

Start by facing the wall, squat and walk your legs up the wall until you feel comfortable and stable, make sure that it is the best you can get to a full plank. Then hold.

Perform Proper Breast Massage

breast-massageIt had been passed upon generations that a breast massage will help in increasing your breast size, but one should know how to properly do it because if not, it could lead to muscle tenderness for instance.

Breast massage helps in stimulating the release of growth hormones in the area through the way you touch and do the motion. A proper Chi Breast massage will be with this following steps:

  • Place your hands over your breasts.
  • Spread your fingers just a bit, and apply the slightest pressure possible on your fingertips.
  • The movement is in a circular inward rotation, so it should be the breasts are moving towards each other.
  • Advisable is to do in 360 rotations at least once to twice a day.

Sexual Stimulation To Increase Breast Size

sexIntimacy can have various benefits, and increasing your breast size is one of them. So, you may be wondering now how it is possible, right?

Okay, so because of the blood flow that increases when one is aroused, it allows an increase in your breast size as well, but not enough for you to notice.

The right word to be used is slightly. Sometimes, when a woman is aroused, it can lead to a slight increase to their breasts, maybe even causing it to slightly swell a little because of the adrenaline and blood flow increase.


yoga-tipsYoga has been known for giving one peace of mind and clarity. Its ability to help one discover their inner flexibility.

Who would have thought that it is another technique that you can do to naturally increase your breast size?

Yoga has the ability to make people, especially women, to get to know their bodies better and accept it. It has a lot of benefits and effects to which your breast size is not exempted.

Through some yoga positions, you are naturally increasing your boob size in a healthy and inexpensive manner. You can try and study the following poses:

  • Bhujangasana
  • Gowmukhasana
  • Ustrasana
  • Vrikshasana
  • Dwikonasana

Visually Increase Breast Size By Wearing Breast-Enhancing Clothes

foam-padsYou know how make-up can do the trick in making someone look way differently than they really are?

Same goes with clothes. By knowing the right techniques, colours to wear, and even the style of clothing, you can show a larger breast visually.

Example, you can choose to wear a shirt or maybe a dress that can make your waist look smaller, that way your breasts is easily noticeable.

Natural Supplements

immune-support-natural-herbal-teaThere are quite a number of supplements that are offered in the market for different types of purposes. For increasing your breast size, there are natural herbs or supplements that are offered to help naturally add in to your cup size.

No matter how natural and organic these herbs are, make sure that you know just how much your body can take and is allowed to do so. Also, be familiar with the possible side effects.


To fully understand your body, take into considerations the possible factor that contributes to your body structure as it can definitely explain what you have and why you have it.

If you are not satisfied with your breast size, always take note that there are a lot of possible solutions that can help you, maybe not drastically, but somehow help you increase it into a size you will be more confident in.

Just remember that your diet and lifestyle is a major factor of your overall body presentation.

Lastly, if you can keep away from resulting to surgeries, please do so.

There is a lot of risks to consider, and you are putting yourself into a long term danger because of the surgery and foreign object that will be put in. Remember, natural is always better.

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